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Hi, and welcome to my blog!  I’m not really a fairy, basket or any other kind. But a little over a year ago I may have been visited by one! She came by and waved her wand (or was it a crochet hook?), sprinkled something glittery, and disappeared into the woods with shimmery wings…
All I know is I suddenly felt an urge to pick up my crochet hook and stitch – a rug, then a basket, then lots more baskets…
Since then, I’ve felt as if I was going back in time to my teen years, when I spent many happy and peaceful hours making pretty things for everyone – and for myself. And I’ve been having fun writing here and sharing my projects.

I initially titled this blog “Crochet Club”, because I thought anyone reading, or just enjoying the craft, are like members of a big club. I have since started a real life crochet club in my community too. But as there are so many real life Crochet Clubs out there, I’ve decided to leave the moniker to them. Besides, it occurred to me that the Basket Fairy might like having a blog named for her!

For the past months I have been experimenting in crocheting with fabric yarn – using strands that I either make myself, or buy ready made by the pound. The technique derives from the traditional art of rag-rug making, where old clothes and fabrics were cut and joined to make a long strand, and crocheted into cozy and colorful rugs. Nowadays, you can buy factory-made strands created by slicing rolls of fabric of all types, sometimes leftovers from manufacturing processes, so that crafters can crochet them away into rugs, bags, baskets, and as I am finding out, a lot of unexpected things!

This blog is about crocheting with fabric yarn, and ordinary yarn too, and anything and everything that is mildly related or wildly unrelated, because, as with any creative journey, you follow the thread wherever it takes you…

One more word… I started this blog in the middle of a war where I live. I have read that in some cultures, people knit a “prayer shawl” to comfort a person in danger or distress.  I would like this blog to serve as a symbolic prayer shawl, stitching together my healing wishes for this region and for the people suffering in the conflict. That is all the politics I will be talking… For now at least.

I wish you all happy and peaceful crocheting!


The Basket Fairy


Commercial Policy and Ethics:
This blog has applied for WordPress WordAds, so hypothetically, if it ever meets what WordPress has defined as “moderate to high traffic”, it may feature ads that earn me a small commission.
Aside from that, there is no commercial activity on my part in the content of this blog. Any product or brand I mention or depict is because that item is an authentic part of my home or life, or for artistic purposes. I also do not receive any sponsorship such as crafting materials, gifts, etc.
I do not receive any profit from links to which I refer such as instruction videos or other sites.
The ethics part is that I promise to make known any future change or exception to this policy should it occur.




15 thoughts on “Welcome Page

  1. spanishjanet

    How do you join your club? I have just signed up to follow your blog. I have discovered rolls of this fabric yarn locally and am addicted to making bags. Is there a way I could email you some photos? Wishing you well in what is going on in your country


    1. Crochet Club Post author

      Hi spanishjanet! Thanks for following my blog. Crochet Club is a name I chose because I think of the people reading the blog or subscribing (and in fact, anyone crocheting) as kind of members of a club. I have now made the wording a little clearer in the explanation. Your suggestion of sending photos is a nice idea! Please do send me the photos, my email is Regards!


      1. Betsy Alspach

        I am in complete agreement with your ethos. I think we live in a world where violence and materialism are escalating and that for many reasons our fiber pursuits are healing to us and others who enjoy them. They add balance and peacefulness to our lives. We have to set boundaries on violence in terms of not letting the thought of it dominate all areas of our lives especially our fiber lives! I have to admit I am sitting here a bit choked up thinking of you and everyone else living in countries at war. My thoughts, prayers and stitches are with you. Thanks for writing your blog and keep at it!


      2. Crochet Club Post author

        Thank you, Betsy, for your kind and thoughtful words. That round of turbulence is over, but peace is still far from our region. I know crocheting is not enough to stop the violence but it helped me, on a very personal level, to to connect (physically…) to something that held a promise of cheerfulness. The way you describe your feelings about creating in fiber is much the same as I feel about it. It’s nice to be able to connect to people who share these feelings. Thanks again 🙂


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