A Change of Season, A Change of Name

It’s finally winter – because winter holidays are for real winters!
Some days are pleasantly sunny, but the evenings are cold enough to make the warmth of the mornings welcome.
In my part of the world, we lit Hanukkah candles:
Hanukkah Candles
And on my part, I think I’m finally ready for a long planned Name Change. In case you haven’t noticed – my blog is now called The Basket Fairy (formerly Crochet Club…). And I have a domain name to match.

I have been almost as hesitant about this change as this fall has been about changing into winter.  But if you’re still here, it means my number one fear did not materialize: I was afraid everyone would turn away, thinking I’m someone else! Like a kid scared of putting on a party costume…

That’s because, you see, I’m not really a fairy, basket or any other kind. But a little over a year ago I may have been visited by one! She came by and waved her wand (or was it a crochet hook?), sprinkled something glittery, and disappeared into the woods with shimmery wings:

All I know is I suddenly felt an urge to pick up my crochet hook and stitch – a rug, then a basket, then lots more baskets…
Since then, I’ve felt as if I was going back in time to my teen years, when I spent many happy and peaceful hours making pretty things for everyone – and for myself. And I’ve been having fun writing here and sharing my projects.

I initially titled this blog “Crochet Club”, because I thought anyone reading, or just enjoying the craft, are like members of a big club. And I’ve even started a real-life crochet club in my community. But since there are so many real life Crochet Clubs out there, I thought I’d leave the moniker to them. Besides, it occurred to me that the Basket Fairy might like having a blog named for her!

As I didn’t really get a glimpse of her, I can’t post a picture here. But though I didn’t actually see her, I could sense her loveliness, and on a good day I think I can see a tinge of it in the things I make.

If she comes by your parts, would you please say hi for me? Tell her I appreciate the visit, and that she’s welcome to drop by and see what I’ve been working on! I hope she likes it. And I hope the magic works for you too!


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