Crochet t-shirt yarn basket

A Floral Basket

My sweet niece A.  was sweet fourteen.

I thought she might like to have a little basket To Put Things In.

I made sure I was up to date on the décor of her room  – a good thing, because it turned out there’d been recent changes in the color scheme:  Purple and green now set the tone.

I wanted the basket to be floral and… Sweet!

I remembered seeing something really cute from an artist I liked a while back…

At the time I was just starting out with fabric crochet and I remember thinking, How…???

The image, and the question, lingered in my mind.

A couple of years and a zillion baskets later, I was able to weave the inspiration into my own creation:
Crochet t-shirt yarn basket

I think (hope?) A. liked it.

I took a minute during A.’s party to take some pictures of the basket. Isn’t the spot just perfect?

Crochet t-shirt yarn basket

This would be the perfect picture if only my finger wasn’t blocking the lens…

Crochet t-shirt yarn basket

A close-up view…

Crochet t-shirt yarn basket

The perfect spot.






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